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Sometimes an illness, an accident, or age effects an adult’s decision-making abilities to the extent that it is not safe for them to continue making health and financial decisions. When this happens, it often becomes necessary for the court to appoint someone to assist the person in making decisions, managing their money, etc.


If a court determines that an individual is incapacitated, the judge will appoint a guardian to make personal and healthcare decisions and a conservator to manage the person’s finances. The guardian and the conservator can be the same person or different people.


The attorneys at Tomac & Tomac have years of experience working with guardianships and have also personally served as guardians and conservators for incapacitated adults. If you have a loved one who needs the protection of a guardian or conservator, or if you have been appointed to serve as a guardian or conservator, Tomac & Tomac can represent you before the court, help you protect your loved one, and assist you with fulfilling your fiduciary duty.

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